Saturday, December 4, 2010

Never fear! The superheros are here!!!

Our third lab at St. Mary's after-school program was the greatest one so far!

It was Superhero Week and everyone did a really great job at dressing up. It was fun to see all the kids ask our class what superhero they were. They couldn't quite figure out what I was, although I suppose it wasn't extremely obvious. The towel seemed to throw them off. I was supposed to be Tie Dye Girl. But, because I was wearing a ridiculous towel as a cape, they kept asking if I was Towel Girl. Oh well.

During our time there, Bree, Holly, and I decorated and posted fliers promoting the program. Ian and Pam interviewed our classmates and took pictures of them in action. We didn't get to play with the kids until the end of the day, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I had a 10 minute laughing contest with one of the boys. We played many many rounds. Unlike many kids, he tried to say funny or witty things to make me laugh as opposed to doing things to make me crack. We had so much fun together and when his mom came to get him he wouldn't leave right away. It was great!

Since our group had the specialty time at the end, we had to do a song, cheer, and large group activity. The song I chose was the Tarzan song I learned working at Camp Stella Maris. Only Holly had heard it before and everyone really enjoyed it, which made me really happy! Watching the video of the song, you can hear the little kids repeating what I say and they sound pretty adorable. They looked pretty adorable too.

Ian's Cha Cha Slide was also a big success. His idea to do that song was pretty inspired. Bree ended with the cheer which had the message that others look up to us even if we don't know it, so we can all be a superhero to someone else. It was very cute, and very fitting!

Our third lab was definitely a solid success.

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