Sunday, December 5, 2010

Deck the gym with boughs of holly!

I am helping a little girl in the Pre-K color a picture.

I am reading them a book from my own childhood called Santa Cows. It is modeled after the poem 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

 They were being such good listeners too! After I finished that book, they kept handing me more to read. It was endearing.

We played with the parachute. The kids absolutely love the parachute. Here we are doing "popcorn."

Here we are doing the classic "dome" and this one was the best one they had all day!

This marked the end of our time at St. Mary's and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I learned a lot about how to manage kids and facilitate games in a hectic setting and to choose creative games that were age appropriate. Luckily, I get a chance to come back next semester as a lab assistant! But for now, so long St. Mary's! :)

Hey, St. Mary's Christmas Bazaar wasn't bizarre, it was fun!

St. Mary's held a Christmas Bazaar as a fundraiser. Downstairs they had a lot of games for the kids to play and win tickets, and upstairs there were a multitude of vendors to go around to!

I volunteered on Friday for a couple of hours to help set up... (picture soon to come...I hope)

Saturday Bree and I got there at 10am, volunteered until 12, and then shopped until 1!

I am trying to throw the footballs into a net. This is what we facilitated all morning. The kids got three shots and every shot they made in, they got a prize ticket for.

Trying to show my mean competitive face...which I don't think I achieved... Don't mess with me kids!

We were pretty lenient with the ticket giving... But it was so great to see them having so much fun. A few of them kept coming back again and again. There are some pretty great football players in the making!

Thanks for everything St. Mary's

My time here was nothing short of amazing. The kids were wonderful and I learned so much. Thanks St. Mary's!
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Movie Magic

Our assignment was to create a slide show that would show our time at St. Mary's. Unfortunately when I loaded my video onto YouTube, it took away my audio because I didn't create it myself. It was originally to the song Magic by B.O.B. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Corn and Squash and Settlers, OH MY!

This week at St. Mary's was Thanksgiving themed. It was our 5th lab. Bree, Ian, and I were in the Pre-K which was a great experience.

Bree and I were in one room and Ian and Holly went into the other room. In our room, we led an activity with the kids where we made a paper turkey and they made feathers out of their hands. On their hand feather they wrote or drew what they were thankful for. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time ti read them a story, but we had a lot of fun with them, regardless. They definitely need more direction than the other kids we have worked with. We made sure we gave them many visuals to show them what they were supposed to be doing and how to do it.

After helping them with their turkey feathers and sticking them on our turkey, we all went to the gym to play some games. There was enough time for Ian to do his game, which the kids really seemed to like, but then it was time to go. They had a lot of fun jumping around in his game. I mostly tried to get the kids to jump the right way and cheer them on which is more fun than it sounds.

The day was a little more confusing than the other days because the schedule is so different, but the kids were really cute and it was a great learning experience.

Halloween Horrors...Muahahahaaaa!

Our fourth lab at St. Mary's was Halloween themed. I know that in my last blog I said that it had been the best day there so far, but this lab definitely gave it a run for its money. Everyone in our class was dressed up for Halloween. I went as a fairy. Kids were trying to steal my antennae all day, and one girl managed to steal my wings when I took them off for just 5 minutes. She didn't like it very much when I got down on her level and asked her why she took them and then asked her if it was okay to take or touch other people's belongings without asking.

Before our group started our games I was fairly nervous. It is slightly daunting to have the entire class watching you facilitate games. If you mess up, everyone is there to see. But, our group works really great together and that really helps. My game this week was called Oscar's Garbage Can which I got from a PE website. I modified the game to make it a little more interesting and it turned out really well.

Bree stood in the middle of one of those expandable blue tubes while all the kids tried to throw ball pit balls inside. This was Oscar's garbage can. They weren't allowed however to cross a certain line. And Bree made it more difficult by moving the garbage can around and up and down. There were a couple problems which were remedied. The kids were so excited they wouldn't stay outside the boundary, so I had to stop the game a couple times and make them show me where they were supposed to stand. That helped a lot. Before we got that straightened out, kids were running up to the garbage can and hitting it with poor Bree inside.

Because Dr. Yang was in South Korea during this lab, another Phys Ed teacher came by to help give us feedback. He said I did a really good job, but that I needed a kid-stopper whistle. He couldn't stress it enough! I will have to buy one of those soon.

Overall, the day was great and my game was a big success.

Never fear! The superheros are here!!!

Our third lab at St. Mary's after-school program was the greatest one so far!

It was Superhero Week and everyone did a really great job at dressing up. It was fun to see all the kids ask our class what superhero they were. They couldn't quite figure out what I was, although I suppose it wasn't extremely obvious. The towel seemed to throw them off. I was supposed to be Tie Dye Girl. But, because I was wearing a ridiculous towel as a cape, they kept asking if I was Towel Girl. Oh well.

During our time there, Bree, Holly, and I decorated and posted fliers promoting the program. Ian and Pam interviewed our classmates and took pictures of them in action. We didn't get to play with the kids until the end of the day, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I had a 10 minute laughing contest with one of the boys. We played many many rounds. Unlike many kids, he tried to say funny or witty things to make me laugh as opposed to doing things to make me crack. We had so much fun together and when his mom came to get him he wouldn't leave right away. It was great!

Since our group had the specialty time at the end, we had to do a song, cheer, and large group activity. The song I chose was the Tarzan song I learned working at Camp Stella Maris. Only Holly had heard it before and everyone really enjoyed it, which made me really happy! Watching the video of the song, you can hear the little kids repeating what I say and they sound pretty adorable. They looked pretty adorable too.

Ian's Cha Cha Slide was also a big success. His idea to do that song was pretty inspired. Bree ended with the cheer which had the message that others look up to us even if we don't know it, so we can all be a superhero to someone else. It was very cute, and very fitting!

Our third lab was definitely a solid success.