Monday, September 20, 2010

Long-handed Implements

There are certainly problems that can and will arise when using long-handed gear with small children, such as lacrosse sticks or hockey sticks. There is a risk involved when kids, who haven't had the chance to fine tune their motor skills, play with long-handed implements. Chances are, they will end up accidentally hitting each other in the head.

However, I don't believe that they run a risk of hurting each other because they are so young. That is just a common link. Focus needs to shift to their motor development. It is completely possible to be young and have the necessary motor skills to handle a lacrosse stick. There certainly needs to be a gradual progression of development before anyone can handle one. The basics must be observed first.

Children have the ability to mature earlier than usual. I believe that they have the ability to meet realistic standards that you set for them with the right education.

Here is a video of a 7-year-old boy named Luke who is already an amazing tap dancer. I originally saw him perform as a guest on So You Think You Can Dance, but could not locate that video. I was lucky enough to locate this one. Luke proves that while he has undoubtedly been gifted, a child does have the capacity to learn faster than what normal standards tell us. Whether this is because he enjoyed what he was doing and was thus determined to work hard at it or not, he still had the ability. This shows us that kids can rise to a challenge. Maybe they just need to be interested in what they are doing.

1st Day at the St. Mary's After School Program

Our first day at the program was so much fun. Time flew by. At first, I was worried we were just going to watch the Lab Assistants play with kids the whole time. But, the observation time was probably a really good idea, in retrospect. I am just so excited to see how others handle kids and to learn new techniques.

Here are behaviors I witnessed of the children.

A little girl named Mae drew me a picture. Actually, I don't think she initially drew it for me because she actually hadn't met me yet when it was drawn. But, she came running up to me saying she drew me a picture and then told me her name. The picture is currently hanging on my fridge.

A little boy and girl about 3 years old played with me outside for a long time. I could only understand one in every 10 words the boy said, but he was very animated. The little girl had light-up shoes metallic pink and sparkles which brought me back to childhood.

I think I did really well interacting with the kids, but I would like to work on being more animated with them, remembering names, and being tactful when a child isn't behaving. There are always ways to improve and I am excited to apply them.

Phys Ed standards

Locomotion, manipulation, and stability make up the fundamental movement skills. The elements that make up these movement skills such as running or galloping, catching or punting, stretching or controlling balance, are all so important to the development of children. As educators, we have a duty to kids to create a safe and carefree environment for them to learn to control and hone their motor skills. If we are able to successfully create this environment, our students will be more able to live up to the standards of a physically educated person whether it be currently or 20 years in the future. Physical education is so important for the public because it promotes a healthy living style; something that many households don't always have a firm grasp on. Many kids won't learn any of this at home so it becomes that much more important to maintain a developmentally progressive program in the school system.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I wasn't sure what to think when we started class, but I feel as though I will be able to learn a great deal. It will be nice to learn more about kids through multiple perspectives.

I don't blog or use twitter, so this is a good way to get used to it before I become a professional. The PE forever facebook group is wonderful and I can't wait to put it to good use.