Saturday, December 4, 2010

Corn and Squash and Settlers, OH MY!

This week at St. Mary's was Thanksgiving themed. It was our 5th lab. Bree, Ian, and I were in the Pre-K which was a great experience.

Bree and I were in one room and Ian and Holly went into the other room. In our room, we led an activity with the kids where we made a paper turkey and they made feathers out of their hands. On their hand feather they wrote or drew what they were thankful for. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time ti read them a story, but we had a lot of fun with them, regardless. They definitely need more direction than the other kids we have worked with. We made sure we gave them many visuals to show them what they were supposed to be doing and how to do it.

After helping them with their turkey feathers and sticking them on our turkey, we all went to the gym to play some games. There was enough time for Ian to do his game, which the kids really seemed to like, but then it was time to go. They had a lot of fun jumping around in his game. I mostly tried to get the kids to jump the right way and cheer them on which is more fun than it sounds.

The day was a little more confusing than the other days because the schedule is so different, but the kids were really cute and it was a great learning experience.

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