Saturday, December 4, 2010

Halloween Horrors...Muahahahaaaa!

Our fourth lab at St. Mary's was Halloween themed. I know that in my last blog I said that it had been the best day there so far, but this lab definitely gave it a run for its money. Everyone in our class was dressed up for Halloween. I went as a fairy. Kids were trying to steal my antennae all day, and one girl managed to steal my wings when I took them off for just 5 minutes. She didn't like it very much when I got down on her level and asked her why she took them and then asked her if it was okay to take or touch other people's belongings without asking.

Before our group started our games I was fairly nervous. It is slightly daunting to have the entire class watching you facilitate games. If you mess up, everyone is there to see. But, our group works really great together and that really helps. My game this week was called Oscar's Garbage Can which I got from a PE website. I modified the game to make it a little more interesting and it turned out really well.

Bree stood in the middle of one of those expandable blue tubes while all the kids tried to throw ball pit balls inside. This was Oscar's garbage can. They weren't allowed however to cross a certain line. And Bree made it more difficult by moving the garbage can around and up and down. There were a couple problems which were remedied. The kids were so excited they wouldn't stay outside the boundary, so I had to stop the game a couple times and make them show me where they were supposed to stand. That helped a lot. Before we got that straightened out, kids were running up to the garbage can and hitting it with poor Bree inside.

Because Dr. Yang was in South Korea during this lab, another Phys Ed teacher came by to help give us feedback. He said I did a really good job, but that I needed a kid-stopper whistle. He couldn't stress it enough! I will have to buy one of those soon.

Overall, the day was great and my game was a big success.

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