Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey, St. Mary's Christmas Bazaar wasn't bizarre, it was fun!

St. Mary's held a Christmas Bazaar as a fundraiser. Downstairs they had a lot of games for the kids to play and win tickets, and upstairs there were a multitude of vendors to go around to!

I volunteered on Friday for a couple of hours to help set up... (picture soon to come...I hope)

Saturday Bree and I got there at 10am, volunteered until 12, and then shopped until 1!

I am trying to throw the footballs into a net. This is what we facilitated all morning. The kids got three shots and every shot they made in, they got a prize ticket for.

Trying to show my mean competitive face...which I don't think I achieved... Don't mess with me kids!

We were pretty lenient with the ticket giving... But it was so great to see them having so much fun. A few of them kept coming back again and again. There are some pretty great football players in the making!

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