Monday, September 20, 2010

Phys Ed standards

Locomotion, manipulation, and stability make up the fundamental movement skills. The elements that make up these movement skills such as running or galloping, catching or punting, stretching or controlling balance, are all so important to the development of children. As educators, we have a duty to kids to create a safe and carefree environment for them to learn to control and hone their motor skills. If we are able to successfully create this environment, our students will be more able to live up to the standards of a physically educated person whether it be currently or 20 years in the future. Physical education is so important for the public because it promotes a healthy living style; something that many households don't always have a firm grasp on. Many kids won't learn any of this at home so it becomes that much more important to maintain a developmentally progressive program in the school system.

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