Monday, September 20, 2010

1st Day at the St. Mary's After School Program

Our first day at the program was so much fun. Time flew by. At first, I was worried we were just going to watch the Lab Assistants play with kids the whole time. But, the observation time was probably a really good idea, in retrospect. I am just so excited to see how others handle kids and to learn new techniques.

Here are behaviors I witnessed of the children.

A little girl named Mae drew me a picture. Actually, I don't think she initially drew it for me because she actually hadn't met me yet when it was drawn. But, she came running up to me saying she drew me a picture and then told me her name. The picture is currently hanging on my fridge.

A little boy and girl about 3 years old played with me outside for a long time. I could only understand one in every 10 words the boy said, but he was very animated. The little girl had light-up shoes metallic pink and sparkles which brought me back to childhood.

I think I did really well interacting with the kids, but I would like to work on being more animated with them, remembering names, and being tactful when a child isn't behaving. There are always ways to improve and I am excited to apply them.

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